As the college runs in a very disciplined way so it is mandatory for all the students to know and follow the general rules and regulations of the college.

1. The students must obey their teachers.

2. Wearing of uniforms in the college campus is compulsory.

3. The students whose attendance is less than 80% in the classes are not allowed to appear in the examination.

4. Co-operation of the students in seminar, function and in any other programme organized by the college is compulsory.

5. All the students must involve themselves in Swachhata Awareness Programme organized by the college from time to time.

6. Sitting in the Terminal Examinations, participation in Group Discussion and Interactive Class is compulsory for all students.

7. Any kind of damage or loss to the institution caused a students is punishable with compensation.

8. The college reserves the right to impose any kind of duty and rules to be followed by the students from time to time.